Making Things Happen – Part 2

Last week we talked about the difference between an external and internal locus of control (LOC). Continuing that, today we’re going to discuss habits you can create to strengthen your internal LOC and start making things happen!

Small Habits to Create an Internal Locus of Control

Let Go Of The Blame

When something goes wrong (like getting into a bad fight with your partner), you can accept what happened. Talk to a therapist or someone who can help.

Let go of the blame and forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made. Maybe you could have waited until you had a good night’s sleep. Maybe it was something you could have addressed sooner.

Forgive others for their mistakes as well. Maybe your partner could have politely asked if you could talk at a better time or listened calmly then responded with love and kindness. Either way, it’s rarely ever one person wholly at fault.

Once you forgive and remove the blame, you can move forward. If you made some mistakes, find alternative ways to handle it next time. Maybe write down your frustrations first and sit with them for a day or two. If they’re still bugging you, then have the conversation after some time has passed.

We all make mistakes. It’s okay. Blame is just another form of shame. It doesn’t help anyone to dwell on it. We can forgive, without forgetting, and move onward.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Many of us have a negative loop of self-talk. We tell ourselves we’re stupid, lazy, weak, etc.

Try turning it around for a change. Adjust your self-talk to be more positive and uplifting.

Imagine you have a kind, nurturing parent speaking to you. For every mean thing you say, pretend they support you with kindness.

“You’re not stupid. You just weren’t thinking straight.”

“You’re not lazy. You’ve been working pretty hard. Maybe your brain and body need a break.”

“You’re not weak. You’re not there yet and that’s okay. Keep working on it and you’ll get it!”

How we talk to ourselves matters, a lot. Being kind can help you bounce back from a setback.


An Internal LOC to Improve Your Financial Health

You want to improve your financial health, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

You can boost it by strengthening your internal locus of control.

Your actions have a huge impact on your financial health. Strengthening your internal LOC empowers you to take action and skyrocket your financial health.

Here’s some small habits to start you on the right path:

Accept Where You’re At

It all start with acceptance. No matter where you are on your journey. It is perfectly okay.

Racked up a ton of credit card debt? That’s okay. Start here.

Huge student loans? No problem. Start here.

Paid off debt but don’t know what to do next? That’s okay too. Start here.

There is no blame or shame. You can be empathetic and accept wherever you are right now.

Visualize Where You Want To Go

You need to see your goals to achieve them. But you need to believe they’re achievable in order to visualize them. That can be hard.

If you struggle to visualize your goals, pick something vague. Maybe you want to be financially well-off. Maybe you want to be debt-free. Maybe you want to feel more at peace with your life.

Vague is fine as a first step. Your confidence will grow as you make progress.

As your confidence improves, come back to these steps and do them again. Each time you’ll narrow in on what you want out of life. Eventually you’ll have a pretty good idea of what that looks like.

Do The Smallest Thing You Can To Take A Step Forward

It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something. The smaller the step forward, the better.

You can:

  • pick up a penny on the street and put it in a savings jar
  • buy a cheaper coffee tomorrow
  • research ‘how to ask for a raise’ for 10 minutes

Find something tiny and go do it.

Congratulate Yourself On That Step

You did something! Good job!

Recognize the positive impact of it, even if it’s miniscule. You’re gaining confidence in yourself.

You’re starting to make things happen!

Come Back & Do It Again

  1. Accept where you’re at – you just moved forward!
  2. Visualize where you want to go
  3. Do the smallest thing you can
  4. Congratulate yourself
  5. Do it again

Remember – little steps forward create small habits. Small habits over time create big changes.

Go through this process a few times. Try different things and really make it your own. Throw away what doesn’t work and keep what does. You are a unique individual and your path to financial health will be just as unique.

What do you think?

What’s a tiny step you could take today to move your toward your financial goal?


woman walking away on mountaintop with text - Making Things Happen Part 2