About Me

Stacie sitting on a cliff above a riverMy whole life I’ve struggled with insecurities, depression, and anxiety.

In my early twenties, I dropped out of college and struggled to stick with jobs & relationships. I tried spending my way into happiness and ended up falling into credit card debt. I was miserable.

After my partner and I got married, had our second child, and just bought a new house – he was laid off and we were without income. It was a really tough time, but we got through it. After that, we resolved to pay off all our debt (~$25k) and build up our savings. And in about 4-5 years, we did it!

Our finances are doing much better, but it was tough. And I still struggle with my insecurities, depression, and anxiety and probably always will. Throughout my journey I’ve found a lot of little habits (habitudes) I can practice which help me stay on track with my finances and my mental health.

Personal Finance is more about psychology than it is about numbers. We can talk about numbers all day long, but if you’re not able to create habits to make those numbers work for you, then what’s the point?

That’s what we’re here for. At An Attitude of Habitude, we’ll give you ideas and suggestions for habitudes that you can start slowly incorporating into your own life – one at a time.

Because that’s how big changes are made. One small step (or habitude) at a time.

We all have the ability to create our best life. Let’s support one another judgment-free and implement small habitudes that will result in big changes, together.