What’s My Net Worth and Why Should I Care?

Clear jar with dollar bill and coins in it

Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘net worth’ before. Probably when someone was talking about a business or the super rich. But everyone has a net worth. And knowing it can be a great motivator. What is it? Your Assets – Your Liabilities. Yep, that’s it. So, what are assets? Anything of monetary value that you […]

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Big Changes Through Little Habits

Woman holding out change and "make a change" written on a note

Why did I call this site ‘An Attitude of Habitude’? What is a ‘habitude’ anyway? To be honest, it’s an old word nobody really uses anymore ‘An Attitude of Habitude’, to me, is creating the life you want by harnessing the power of habits. These habits happen automatically. Like when you wake up & immediately […]

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Spending money on others – selfless or selfish?

Wrapped Christmas gifts

Do you like to give gifts to other people? Do you like being able to buy someone else’s lunch? Do you feel loved or accepted when you throw big parties for all of your friends? These are all seemingly selfless and charitable things. Many of us do them, and quite frequently. But why do we […]

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How to figure out what I want

Looking down a path lined with trees

For some of us, knowing what we want is easy. It’s crystal clear in our minds. But for rest of us, there doesn’t seem to be a clear “thing” that we want. Sometimes it just depends what area of our life we’re talking about. I know that I want my Bachelor’s degree (which I just […]

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How to save money without doing anything

When we talk about money and savings and budgets, we’re often talking about all the things we don’t have but that we wish we did. A big house. Vacations. Emergency savings. It’s good to think about these things so we can make a plan and try to achieve them. But sometimes it’s just too much. […]

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A New Year, Same You – Forgiveness & Compassion

I love the dawning of a new year. Not only do I get to celebrate with those I love the most, but it feels like I get a “reset” on my life. I get a whole new year full of potential and possibilities. What will this one bring? It also gives me a chance to […]

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How To Create a Budget (That Works)

Want to find a budget that works for you? Commit to giving it up and trying something different Seems counterintuitive, but there’s a reason you’re looking for how to find a budget that will actually work for you. You’ve tried one, or two, or maybe three. And they didn’t work. And you got frustrated. And […]

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